Digital Transformation – Evolving a digitally enabled Nigerian Public Service

Quick Overview

Digitalization is placing unprecedented pressure on organisations and government institutions to evolve. At the present rate, 75% of the S&P 500 incumbents would be gone by 2027.

That means managing our collective transition to a digitally-driven business model is vital and crucial to our quest for a prosperous nation. And since digital touches so many parts of our lives, society and development, any significant reform program requires coordination of people, processes, and technologies. This transition toward a successful value delivery needs new skills, a holistic vision on growth trends and challenges, and a seamless collaboration between technology and governance.


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This book therefore defines, justifies and outlines the urgent steps needed for digital transformation in the Nigerian public service.

The Nigerian public wants quality services to be delivered faster, better, greener, cheaper, more integrated and more ecologically friendly.

Digital Transformation will open the eyes of the public especially professionals young and old to the rampant problems in the country and will encourage readers to join in moving into the future of a better and stronger Nigerian that will curb under-development, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and disease.

Around the world, governments are embracing digital transformation through digital service enablement. Government digital service is becoming the norm and is central to technology adoption in the public service globally. It is also true that wealthy nations are exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology that underpins the bitcoin crypto-currency to increase efficiency in the delivery of high quality and trust-based services. According to the Greeks, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Nigerian government leaders are therefore invited to consider seriously digitising their public services as detailed in this book.