“It will be Nigerian entrepreneurs and business leaders who create the country’s digital offerings for the world to buy, but this will be difficult without the right support from government.”

Digital Business Transformation Advisor

“This book actually provides a methodological background which can be used by any country to justify and jump start its own national digital transformation.”

Consultant Enterprise Architect. He obtained PhD in computer graphics in 1986. He worked for a variety of international clients in Switzerland, UK, France, Australia and Africa.

“How well a country manages to make progress in this area [digitization] will decide its future – no more and no less… [In this book] Jacobs Edo makes a valuable contribution towards ensuring [that] successful future for Nigeria.”

Professor Dr. AXEL UHL 
Deputy head of the institute for Business Information Technology at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences

“Edo doesn’t only make a case for the need for digitization in Nigeria’s public service with the goals of efficiency, in system and people, but also goes through a very wide and comprehensive range of associated issues, from its implementability thorough its wealth-creating opportunities and to how it can create values and enhance national social and cultural goals. “

Nigerian development politician currently enrolled at Harvard Business School